Remote Monitoring

See it, snap it, send it.

Remote data monitoring:

DWM’s comprehensive tele-monitoring will be a first-of-its-kind. Monitoring of diabetic wounds and prevention of additional wounds
Our specialists will perform virtual consultations and even minor changes on patient’s skin enables our specialists to intervene at the earliest possible stage, resulting in a significant reduction in the development of hard to heal wounds that can lead to lower extremity amputations. The ability to monitor depth, volume, and temperature of diabetic ulcers our professionals will guarantee optimum wound outcomes.

about 3
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Million people have diabetes
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Percentage increase of Type 2 diabetes in the MENA region by 2035
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Million diabetes in the UAE by 2040
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Percentage of diabetic lower extremity amputations are preventable

We are the first of its kind diabetic wound care center in Dubai. The purpose of DWM is to eliminate the possibility of amputations through early diabetic wound identification and prevention.

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