Dr. John Mehnert

Wound Care Specialist
Podiatric Surgeon

Dr.John mehnert

Dr. Mehnert started practice in July 1992 in Cincinnati, OH after a residency in Atlanta, GA. His residency consists of both inpatient and outpatient experiences. He has a lot of experience with several very well-respected podiatrists in Atlanta. Dr. Mehnert then started his own practice and has been treating patients since August 1993. Dr. Mehnert has also worked with physicians from all disciplines including general, orthopedic, and vascular surgery. His practice includes medical and surgical treatment of foot and leg disorders. This includes 15 years at the wound center, a local hospital in the USA. Dr. Mehnert has used many modalities for the treatment of these wounds including specialized dressing and tissue grafting. He has also provided custom molded and over-the-counter offloading devices for my patients. With such great experience in wound care, his healing rate is 90%, which means that he has managed to avoid amputations many times 


We are the first of its kind comprehensive diabetic wound care center in UAE. The purpose of DWM is to eliminate the possibility of amputations through early diabetic wound identification and prevention.

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